🥳Secret Free Traffic Methods – This Got Me 1000 Visitors/Day Visitors Fast!

This method I applied has allowed me to earn around $30 per day (previously, with 3k traffic/day pouring into the blog), and of course, the traffic is genuine US traffic.

The current traffic comes from Pinterest. As of today, March 1st, it hasn't ended yet, so you can see the chart shows a half drop in traffic compared to usual. I've maintained this traffic for over 4 years now.

Because I haven't focused on Pinterest for several years, I haven't been adding new posts, so I've just maintained stability at that level. Initially, it was over 3k traffic/day.

All traffic comes from my main account. You can see that internal traffic is about 300k views/month on Pinterest, but the traffic leaving the platform is only about 30k/month. This is because I average about 1k traffic per day. All of that traffic is from Pinterest.

Here's how to do it:

I go to my Pinterest account and use the sortpin.com tool to find the posts with the highest number of saves, not repins but saves (the more saves, the better). This means that the original post has received both direct shares and re-pins. It means that many people like that post.

Get Free Tool Sortpin here: sortpin.com

The niche I'm targeting is related to “how to” keywords and informational content because it has the largest traffic volume. However, the drawback is that it has poor conversion rates.

That's why I mentioned having 3k traffic/day but only making $30-50 from it. Because the traffic to the landing page requires an additional step of sharing, connecting, and building trust and credibility with potential customers. (The image below categorizes keywords into clear categories according to SEMrush statistics, consisting of 4 types of keywords.)

I'll use my current demo account as an example. Then, I'll edit the image a bit using Canva.

Of course, if you're feeling lazy, you don't have to edit the image too much; you can use the original image and upload it directly to Pinterest (although having images scanned might risk your account being flagged).

Then, once you have the new image, even if the description and title are old, you can post it on Pinterest in reverse.

But… here's an important note:

You use Pretty Link to shorten the link pointing back to the website afterward.

And replace the link to your post with the shortened link you've created. Then publish.

Let me briefly explain why I use Pretty Link. Because it's a WordPress plugin, and I often use WordPress. It's convenient for me to shorten links, and it provides traffic statistics for shortened links daily, which makes it easy for me to track results.

This means that when visitors access my posts, they still go back to the original author's site. However, after a while, when Pinterest allocates traffic to me steadily and sufficiently, I will redirect those links to my blog. My blog will share the same topic, and I can place advertisements around my blog or sell my products, or even include affiliate marketing links.

Here are some statistics for links that I received traffic from Pinterest. I can edit them and redirect them to my blog posts.

I'm sure some of you might wonder why not edit the link directly on the Pinterest post instead of using Pretty Link for redirection, right?

Because every time you edit a post on Pinterest, you lose the interactions of that post. The post will reset to 0. That's Pinterest's mechanism.

Then repeat that process. Post 5 links per day for a new account. And gradually increase it, so after a month, you can post under 20 posts per day.

P/s: Absolutely no more than 30 posts per day. Even for old accounts. Because based on my experience, exceeding this limit may lead to account suspension.

As for the POD products, what about them? Of course, it's a buyer keyword, so it has fewer searches compared to informational keywords like ‘how to'. Therefore, you'll notice that product-oriented posts have fewer saves (shares, pins) compared to informational posts.

Saves is king on pinterest

So, the most important thing is still the number of saves. You should focus on posting content that receives a lot of saves, whether it's informational posts or product-related posts. Always prioritize those saves.

Get Free Tool Sortpin here: sortpin.com

Wishing you success!

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