🧐The reason the pin creation date differs from the comment

You might wonder if there are comments made before the pin creation date, right?

When users share an original pin, they create what's called a new repin (equivalent to a new URL). However, Pinterest's mechanism ensures that the new repin still retains the original image, title, description, and comments from the author who created the post.

The only things that are newly created are the URL ,repin and creation date which reset to the moment the sharer shares it again.

The video example below illustrates that when you repin, the URL , repin and creation date will change. However, the image, title, description, and reactions will remain the original content created by the author.

And the mechanism of Pinterest is...

Saves: represent the total number of direct and indirect shares received by the author.

Repin: signifies the total number of direct shares received by the person who shared it.

I hope it's helpful for you.

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