🙁Displaying data slowly

Sometimes Sortpin may display data slowly, and there are typically two main reasons for this:

Reason 1: Network speed or server response may be slow at that moment.

Solution: You can wait for about 5-10 minutes and then return to using Pinterest.

Reason 2: You may have saved too much data that you scanned from Pinterest into Sortpin. Since Sortpin's mechanism stores data on your computer when you browse data on Pinterest, the data will be saved by the Sortpin extension on your computer. And it will be displayed again in your data collection and statistics section. The more data you have, the slower the loading time because it depends on your computer's RAM and hard drive.

Solution: Delete some of the Sortpin data stored on your computer to speed up loading times.

Alternatively, you can go inside to delete the Sortpin database.

A little trick

You should only scan a large amount of data, then filter and save the necessary pins with the bookmark option. And delete excess data from the database after each scan on Pinterest to free up memory.

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